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Dedicated to iPad, the iPad Wiki is an open source encyclopedia about the ancient history and structure to Apple's revolutionary standalone devices that stands between the MacBook and iPhone, the iPad. The iPad Wiki is a collaborative community that anyone could collaborate, create, edit, revise and share!

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iPad Pro 5th generation, alternatively titled as iPad Pro (2021) is the fifth iPad Pro model by introduced Apple iPad product marketing, Raga, John, and Apple Imaging And Sensing technology designer, Fiona O'Leary as well as Program Sensing Technology Management Senior Director, Heidi Delgado in a an Apple Special Event on April 20, 2021. Pre Orders will be available on April 20, 2021, it will be released in May, 2021. iPad Pro 5th generation runs on the Apple M1 chip, a processor originally used in Apple's desktop-class iMac and Macbook product lines. The Apple M1 incorporated a 50% faster 8-core CPU performance, a 40% faster 8-core GPU.

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The iPad Wiki runs the Mediawiki platform, meaning it supports wikicode, a script widely use to customize and enhance the design of a page, it's also compatible with CSS, Javascript, and partly HTML. We are always looking for talented coders who are able to bring iPad Wiki's theme to the next level.
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There's so much to do at the iPad Wiki, join the community to fix, revise, refine, edit and create every possible topic related to iPad you could imagine, big or small, every piece of your efforts are accepted and valued here.
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Get the latest updates on Apple's iPad product lines as well as the historical developments behind each iPad.
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Discuss, share and promote your favorite iPad story, with those amazing features, the possibilities of what you can create are limitless!

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  • …that iPad 2nd generation was the first iPad model to be shipped in volume and multiple colors?
  • …that that the development of iPad involved many leaked rumors?
  • …that Steve Jobs died at the same year he introduced iPad 2nd generation
  • …that the average profit, popularity and market share of iPad benefits more profits and sales than any of Apple's previous hardware?
  • …that iPad provides a more advantageous interface for generating media and manipulating data?
  • …that iPad 2 to 4 generation camera perform poor functionality criticized by many reviewers?
  • …that iPad Air 4th generation is the initial iPad Air model to function liquid retina display, a further optimized brand upgraded from Apple's classic retina display?
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iPad Wiki has been spawned off from the Apple Wiki, and is affiliated with the Xiaomi Wiki and the Microsoft Wiki, visit those technical sites to unveil the ancient history of these tech giants that have shaped our lives. Please stream Apple's April 20th event schedule on 10 a.m. PDT at one of the services

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Lean more' about Apple's impact on the environments and the recyclable materials made in iPad.

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